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Understand Senior Living: Free Downloads & Guides

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Lakeshore Senior Living wants to be a resource for aging adults, families, and caregivers. Our library of free eBooks, guides, and additional tools share information on assisted living and memory care in Guntersville, Alabama, healthy aging and active living tips for seniors, and so much more. Download yours today!


Free eBook | Overcoming Fear of Senior Living

How to Help Someone You Love Overcome Their
Fear of Senior Living

Strategies for a Smooth & Positive Transition

If someone you love is experiencing worry – or even fear – about their move to senior living, our free eBook explores strategies to them overcome these feelings and embrace this positive change.


The Benefits of Living at Lakeshore:

Why Individuals Love Life in Guntersville, Alabama

Finding the right senior community for yourself or someone you love is a lengthy – and sometimes emotional – process. You not only want to find a place that offers the right care, but you also want to find a community that has an atmosphere that feels like home.


Home Safety Checklist-Lakeshore Senior Living

Home Safety Checklist

Is Your Loved One Safe at Home?

Home safety is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining independence as we get older. Use this free checklist to help identify and address potential issues in your loved one’s home, which will help prevent falls and other accidents from occurring.


Why Choose Assisted Living eBook-Tablet-Lakeshore Senior Living

Why Choose Assisted Living:

Finding the Right Care for You or Your Family

Our free eBook shares the ins and outs of assisted living, including:

• The benefits of choosing assisted living
• How to know when it is time for additional care and support
• Tips for easing the transition into an assisted living community


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