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Senior Man Smells Flowers in Greenhouse_Lakeshore Senior Living
12-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

How Sensory Stimulation Leads to Enhanced Active Living for Seniors

Our bodies undergo a multitude of changes as we age, and these transformations extend to our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. These senses play a crucial role in our everyday lives, influencing our perception of the world and our ability to interact with it.
Senior Woman and Adult Daughter Look at Picture While Packing_Lakeshore Senior Living
11-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

10 Ways to Ease a Family Member’s Transition into Senior Living

Moving a family member into a senior living community can be challenging and emotional. However, with the right approach, support, and preparation, you can help make this transition smoother and more comfortable for everyone involved.
Lakeshore Senior Living at Sunset
10-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

Explore the Lifestyle Options at Lakeshore Senior Living

One of the most significant factors that will determine whether a senior living community is right for you or someone you love is if the community offers the lifestyle option or level of care that best suits your needs and preferences.
Senior Couple Packing Boxes_Lakeshore Senior Living
09-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

Downsizing Tips for Seniors: What Are the Benefits?

As we approach retirement and a new chapter in life, downsizing becomes a significant consideration. While reducing your possessions and transitioning into a smaller living space or senior housing community may seem daunting at first, downsizing offers numerous benefits in terms of practicality and improved well-being.
Senior Woman Blowing on Dandelion_Lakeshore Senior Living
08-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

How Spending Time Outside Can Enhance Dementia Care

Dementia is a neurodegenerative condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. While there is no known cure for dementia, there are various approaches to managing its symptoms and improving the quality of life for those living with the condition. One such method is embracing the power of nature and encouraging individuals to spend time outside!
Smiling Senior Woman and Adult Daughter on Couch_Lakeshore Senior Living
07-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

When is it Time for a Loved One to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care?

Health and cognitive abilities can change with age, impacting a person’s ability to safely live independently. Assisted living communities provide a range of support services to help individuals with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. However, there may come a time when a parent or family member’s care needs…
Multiracial Senior Women Laughing Together After Exercising Outdoor_Lakeshore Senior Living
06-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Wellness is a holistic approach to healthy living encompassing various life aspects. These aspects are often referred to as the dimensions of wellness and include physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational wellness. Each dimension contributes to an individual’s overall well-being and requires attention and balance for optimal health.
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