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Multiracial Senior Women Laughing Together After Exercising Outdoor_Lakeshore Senior Living
06-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Wellness is a holistic approach to healthy living encompassing various life aspects. These aspects are often referred to as the dimensions of wellness and include physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational wellness. Each dimension contributes to an individual’s overall well-being and requires attention and balance for optimal health.
Senior Man Shaving_Lakeshore Senior Living
05-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

What Are ADLs & How Do They Impact Your Senior Living Search?

If you have begun looking into senior living or care options for yourself or someone you love, chances are you have come across the phrase “activities of daily living.” It is easy to come to a general conclusion about what this phrase means. However, you may need help understanding what is included in the activities…
Senior Couple Walking_Lakeshore Senior Living
04-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

Active Living for Seniors: How You Can Enhance Your Walking Routine

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises. It is a low-impact form of exercise that can be done almost anywhere, and it has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health.
Group of Happy Seniors Socializing_Lakeshore Senior Living
03-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

Why You Should Choose a Tight-Knit Senior Living Community

Not all senior living communities are created equal. The senior living community you choose should be more than where you live; it should also feel like home. Because of this, you have to consider factors beyond levels of care and amenities.
Senior Couple Form Heart with Hands with Lake and Mountains in Background_Lakeshore Senior Living
02-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

Active Living for Seniors: Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

The symbol of the heart and the month of February go hand in hand. Even though you are likely picturing heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses, and love, this month is also dedicated to another kind of heart.
Group of Seniors Playing Cards_Lakeshore Senior Living
01-01-2023 Lakeshore Senior Living

5 Benefits of Assisted Living

It can be scary to think about moving out of the home you’ve been in for most, if not all, of your adult life. You have made a lot of memories in your home that make it sentimental, on top of it being a key component to your current routine and lifestyle. However, perhaps maintaining…
Senior's Hands Decorating Christmas Tree_Lakeshore Senior Living
12-01-2022 Lakeshore Senior Living

Tis the Season: Celebrating the Holidays with a Loved One with Memory Loss

We’re in the holiday season! While this is a magical time of year for families and friends to spend additional quality time together, it can also be a source of added stress.
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